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Today there is so much confusion surrounding the health issue. One is bombarded by the health industry for the newest vitamins and by the medical practitioners for the latest drugs. You also hear "Eat this and you won't get cancer, don't eat this because...". You see people running here and there for answers.

Is it any wonder there is so much confusion?

In my acupuncture practice many people come and say "I've done this, I'm taking this and I'm still sick". My response, once we establish you are taking the correct medication to help with the symptoms, is to ask you if anyone has pointed out to you about your thinking and analysis process and how this continual mind chatter and its devastating effect on the body may be the
missing link to your full recovery.

Most practitioners and doctors work on giving medication for the symptoms but talk nothing about what effect your thinking is having on your illness. An analytical brain disturbs the body and inhibits the body's ability to maintain a balance. Most of us are not aware that thinking takes up energy from the body, that you can speed up the disease process with too much thinking. Whereas if the brain is quiet, the body can then use that same energy to help balance and heal itself.

Once this is explained to you and you can see this for yourself you are then better able to see the connection between thinking and illnesses.

Your body's ability to maintain good health is dependent on one main factor; a quiet brain free from analytical thought. An analytical brain disturbs the body with its thinking and the feelings and emotions which the thought process generates. This process inhibits the body's ability to maintain balance and its ability to absorb medicines and food.

The fact is your body is likely to get disease anyway. However, it is your reactions to the disease that will cause you to suffer. It happens because your mind generates emotions and feelings. It has nothing whatever to do with the disease process itself.

There are natural body disease symptoms and there are symptoms which come about from a body weakened by a thought burdened brain. Too much thinking. You also speed the disease process up when the brain is using energy to support the thinking process. This puts stress on your body's tendency to disease quicker than if the brain is functioning quietly. When thinking is used correctly the body is not depleted of energy so illness is less likely to occur. If it does occur one recovers more quickly.

One guaranteed fact is that the body will degenerate either simply from age, wear and tear or from disease and will die. You can maintain general good health with diet, exercise and a peaceful lifestyle. But there is one deterring factor which determines the effectiveness of your body's ability to ingest and utilise food and medicine. A quiet brain. A thinking/analytical process operating in the brain is using energy that the body needs to maintain normal functions. Its causes tension and disorder. Thought produces muscular tension, just as it produces emotions and feelings. All of this is the result of your thinking.

Mental illness and psychosis is burnout of the brain by the increased friction of thought as it moves through the brain. Too much thinking or brain activity. The normal state of the body is to be inwardly quiet, free from emotion and tension.

Do you know that the thinking process you hear in your head has physical repercussions on your body and vice versa? You affect your organ physiology by your thinking. For example, anxiety causes muscular tension. Worry can induce stomach ulcers or an asthma attack.

Conversely, the state of your body organs affects the quality of your thought, for example, an unbalanced diet containing too much sugar or wheat can cause depression.

Change organ pathology (by taking herbs, vitamins, chemical drugs) and you can affect your feelings and the quality of your thinking. Change the thinking ( meditation, visualisation, counselling self help groups) and you can effect organ pathology. They are interdependent on one another.

Thinking is a material process. It is under the influence of the physical elements that make up your body. Your thinking makes you feel and experience.

Your mind labels sensations in the body with words and concepts so as to be able to understand and relate to what is happening.

So by your mental reactions to what is happening in your body, whether it is for example a sore back, period pain or bladder infection, You are generating another form of tension that in fact limits and in some cases totally prevents your body from getting better.

There are areas in the human organism that are beyond and outside the control of thought. They are the glands, the endocrine glands which control the physiological functioning of the body. Ytioning of the body. Your body does not need the thought process to function. It is in fact an unwelcome process imposed on the natural state of the body.

If your health care practitioner whether they are a medical practitioner, naturopath or chiropractor is not making you aware of this very important point then they are in fact doing you a disservice. Let me explain. Unless your practitioner makes you aware of the thought process and its effect on your health any treatment you have will be short lived. As you go out to your daily life the very process which is draining the body will continue to strain your immunity and stimulate your tendency to disease no matter how much you take care of yourself. eg You can run with a quiet mind or run in tension. The effect on the body is totally different. You can ingest an organic meal in silence or while thinking about work. Your ability to digest this good food is totally different in each case.

The relief you get from taking your vitamins, valium or having your back adjusted is giving a false impression that the cause of your suffering has been fixed. It has not. What has happened is that the health practitioner has temporarily settled the effect of a disturbed body.

You are still left with a thought burdened brain which in turn and in time will slowly drain the body and make it susceptible to disease. You may be very happy simply getting relief on this level. This is all you may expect from your practitioner. It is your choice. But on a very deep level nothing really has changed. The fact still remains that the conditioning of the brain still remains.

Yes you can go to the doctor or naturopath and take what they give you and get relief and suffer no more symptoms. But because there has been no awareness of the connection between a thought burdened brain and the body, general health in our community continues to

deteriorate. You will notice the increasing ineffectiveness of drugs, herbs and treatments and that there is also an increase of mental and psychological disorders, despite counselling and psychotherapy.

Do you agree? As you hear news programs, and generally as you look around the community, do you agree that this back-sliding is happening?

Another situation happening today in both the alternative and allopathic forms of treatment is the giving of one medication for the same illness. To consider that one pill will invariably help ALL people diagnosed academically as having the same illness is equivalent to mindlessly renewing your subscription to the flat earth society. This does not take into account the uniqueness of each person and their state of being at the time of illness.

Let's look at the big picture. In spite of all the growth in natural health care, medical scientific advances or new age approaches to looking at illness and its meaning WE ARE STILL GETI'ING SICKER! The diseases we suffer are more severe in their nature. Viruses resistant to medicines. And degenerative conditions are occurring at an earlier age.

We are missing something that is still draining our body of its ability to maintain health. It is not just from our life style, quality of food and stress of modern life. It is something much deeper than this.

I put it to you that it is this analytical process which drains your health. Indeed, it is the quality of your being, - having a still, alert and aware brain - which determines if a medicine or quality food is absorbed and utilised by the body. Not the medicine and food alone.

At the beginning of this brochure, I touched on the two sorts of symptoms that come with disease or illness. Let's talk about that some more. One symptom is what 1 call naturally occurring, from the illness itself. The other type of symptom is the outcome from your own mental reactions. This drains the body of energy and therefore makes you more like to suffer and not respond quickly to treatment.

If you are caught in the thought process you generate illness by your reactions to what is happening. You suffer along with the disease. Most of the pain people experience with illness is psychological. It is their mental reactions like "Why is my back sore. I hate pain, I have to go to work, It hurts so much " that generate non acceptance and more pain You will notice that none of these thoughts are the pain itself. 1 am sure you can recognise at certain points, particularly if there is a moment of calmness in the midst of the inner turmoil, that your awareness of sensations, thoughts, and feelings is different from the sensations, the thoughts, and the feelings themselves - The part of "you" that is aware is not itself in pain or ruled by these thoughts and feelings at all. It knows them, but it itself is free of them.

A great example is when I asked a group of children "If I hit your thumb with a hammer, where would you feel the pain?" Ninety percent of them said " IN YOUR HEAD...... But 1 hit your thumb not your head." "Oh yes! BUT ITíS YOUR HEAD THAT TELLS YOU THAT IT IS SORE". Yes you have a sensation in your thumb because 1 hit it. But it is your mind and thoughts that label that sensation as pain and then the thoughts that react to the labelled sensation of pain. It would be interesting to see the degree of suffering if your mind labelled it simply as "That's an interesting sensation" and not with the word pain.

Obtaining mental calm from meditation, relaxation or counselling or from chemical medication does not stop the analytical thinking process, That's a fact. You simply get a temporary sense of ease. The next time something happens in your body or in your mind the same thinking

process or mechanism will automatically start again. You start to think again.

No external treatment of any kind can stop the thinking process. You have to have a quality of awareness within you for the thinking/analytical process to end naturally. Only awareness. A quiet brain.

As 1 said before most suffering is in our mind and not what is happening to the body.

A peaceful person can live with a diseased body. The body will use medicine more effectively because of this peaceful state of being. In effect, you live with and work in harmony with the situation. An analytical reactive person inflicted with a thought burdened brain reacts to what is happening and therefore suffers more from their own emotions and thoughts. Because this drains the body the disease is more intense. The body cannot use and absorb food or medicine effectively with this state of being. You will hear people complain. "I have tried everything. Nothing works". Or, "It only works while I take the medicine or keep having treatment".

Putting chemical drugs into the body is simply forcing the body chemistry to react in a predetermined, way to get better. You cannot force or poison the body into health.

Any therapist who is not clear about this is simply treating the symptoms on a base physical level. Is your therapist/doctor treating the effects of a thought weakened body or is he treating the symptoms of disease? Don't be fooled by "But I am treating the cause of the problem". "Look at the tests (blood, hemaview, x-ray) they show the cause of the sickness". These are not the cause of the illness they are the effect or outcome of a weakened body. The body has to be in a weakened state before disease can manifest. Hereditary illnesses, accidents and mental disorders are conditions which don't fall into the above. But once again the effectiveness of any treatment is determined by your state of-being.


* How much you will suffer.

* How effective your medicine/treatment will be.

* Your ability to be at peace with the fact that you will eventually become older and that
your body will suffer disease or the effects of wear and tear.

A quiet brain does not mean you will not get sick. It simply allows you to work better with what is happening for your body. There is no way you can absorb medicines or food when your inner being is in disorder. Body health does not give peace of mind. It simply gives ease and clarity of thought which gives the potential for you to be aware. Notice when you are thinking. Notice the effects of this on your body. The very act of noticing will have an impact on your health.