How to Make Love Every Day ... Guaranteed

The Health you know itís also good for your health? We found this information through surfing the internet; you can, too, or you can go to any medical library or book shop, and youíll find all the evidence you need.

So what does it do for us? First, itís great for weight loss. It has been calculated that 150 calories are used in 30 minutes of sexual intercourse - about the same calory usage as 30 minutes of weight training, or walking 2.5 kms in 30 mins, or canoeing 1.5 kms in the
same time! Now be honest, which would you rather do?

Secondly, sexual activity increases the heart rate and causes us to breathe more deeply - and this improves our circulation, helping the blood flow to the brain and all the organs. And the improved blood flow carries fresh oxygen and hormones to every part of your body, which means that the waste products which cause tiredness and illness
is removed more quickly.

Thirdly, the cholesterol levels are lowered by sexual activity - and even better, it helps to balance the HDL/LDL (good/bad) cholesterol.

Fourth, orgasm helps us to Ďlet goí, and to relax completely. In this deep, calm state, we can forget things which have been worrying us, and sleep more soundly. So an active and satisfying sex life can help with insomnia, as well as enabling us to handle better the stresses of daily life.

Fifth, sex releases hormones that can relieve pain - including headache and period pain! (now thereís a novel approach, sex as a remedy for headache rather than an excuse for abstaining!) During sexual activity, the hormone oxytocin is produced. This causes the release of endorphins, which act as a powerful analgesic, as well as triggering orgasm. And itís been found that the resulting contractions in women can relieve the cramps often associated with menstruation.

Sixth, it can prolong your life! A British study found that men who had at least two orgasms a week had half the death rate of those who had orgasms monthly. And sex keeps us younger, too: DHEA, which is produced by sexual activity, is said to boost the immune system and bone growth, keep us alert, and keep our skin healthy and supple.

Seventh, regular ejaculation can help keep the prostrate healthy. And so can Kegel exercises (contracting the muscles around the genitals, as practised in Tantric Sex), because it shifts the sexual energy out of the prostrate and circulates it through the body.  Kegel exercises can be done by men and women, hundreds of times a day. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, a Belgian study found they can assist with minor erection problems. For women, strengthening the muscles like this can assist in childbirth, and also prevent incontinence, as well as increasing the intensity of orgasm.

And finally, in both men and women, testosterone and estrogen levels are increased by a regular sexual activity. And how does this help? Well, testosterone strengthens bones and muscles, and some doctors think it also keeps hearts healthy and good cholesterol high. Of course, testosterone drives our libido, and it also makes both men and women desire genital contact and release by orgasm. This is why men seem to Ďget straight to the pointí, so to speak, rather than wanting romantic foreplay. And sex increases estrogen levels in women, which protects against heart disease as well as keeping her body soft - estrogen makes breasts grow, keeps vaginal tissue supple. Estrogen makes women receptive, response to a manís approach. Estrogen makes her romantic, testosterone creates in her the desire for penetration.  Men also produce estrogen, which helps them to develop the softer side
of their personalities; indeed, as men age testosterone decreases and estrogen increases, which is one reason men seem to get gentler, softer, more nurturing as they get older.




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