How to Make Love Every Day ... Guaranteed


 * Philematology is the scientific study of kissing.

 * A one minute kiss burns 26 calories.

* An adult kiss lasts an average of 45 seconds.

 * Kissing and firing a gun produce the same hormone in the body.

 * Kissing stimulates the same part of the brain as parachuting, bungee
 jumping, and distance running.

 * When giving a passionate kiss, you use all of your facial muscles.

 * Studies show that kissing improves the skin, improves circulation, and
 can relieve headaches.

 * Many scientists believe that the brain is programmed to help people find
 their partners lips in the dark.

 * 50 per cent of all people kiss before age 14.

 * The typical person spends 336 hours of his or her life kissing.

 * Infants who are regularly kissed usually develop a greater capacity for
 intelligence, artistic expression, and critical thinking later in life.

 * Infectious Mononucleosis (Glandular Fever) and Herpes are diseases that
 can be transferred during a kiss.

 * You're more likely to catch a common cold by shaking hands than by

 * In early Rome, the wedding kiss represented a legal bond that sealed the

 * Roman emperors used to rank a person's importance by the body part he or
 she was allowed to kiss. Important people kissed the emperor's lips, the
 less important kissed his hands, and the least important kissed his feet.

 * Kissing became an accepted sign of affection in Europe in the 6th

 * Ancient Egyptian kissed with their noses a la Eskimos.

 * The Chinese didn't kiss until they saw Westerners doing it.

 * According to legend, any person who kisses the Blarney Stone in the 15th
 century Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland, will be endowed with the gift of
 eloquence and persuasive flattery.

 * The tradition of kissing under mistletoe stems from the tradition of
 slaughtering an ox under mistletoe. But what's the connection, you ask?

 * Bonobo chimpanzees kiss to reduce stress.

 * If a dolphin likes a human enough, it will kiss them.

 * 63 per cent of dog owners kiss their pooch regularly.

 * A French kiss is one in which the two kissers touch tongues. But the
 French did not invent it.

 * Men who kiss their wives goodbye in the morning earn much more money
 than those who don't.

 * The Ananga-Ranga, a manual much like the Kama Sutra, suggests couples
 kiss in the midst of an argument so they forget what they were fighting

 * Basketball kissing is a sport in which couples have to get as many balls
 through the hoops as possible while kissing. Who keeps score, you ask?

 * Hershey's Kisses, produced since 1907, got their name from the machine
 that makes them. The chocolate looks like it is kissing the conveyor



Copyright Peter & June Crook 2006