The Power of Affection - By Peter and June Crook



How to Make Love Every Day guides readers towards a new way of viewing love and relationships. It looks at relationship counselling, selfless thinking, the erroneous nature of striving for change, and the nature of real love and affection - all from our own experience of making love every day throughout thirty years of marriage. 

 We discuss the myths about love and relationships that many of us have been conditioned into believing. To us, lasting love derives from caring, affection and kindness. That is all.

 We wanted to write this because we see so many couples struggling in relationships that cause so much pain, loneliness and disconnection with each other as the routine of life, past history and feelings of meaninglessness take over.  What is the cure?    AFFECTION!  So you too can feel that deep connection with your partner no matter what path you each may be taking.

This book will help you to rebuild a struggling relationship, to develop self-acceptance and the feeling of inner confidence, or to attract a partner, or overcome past history; and how to live an affectionate life, with a passionate love life. 

 The true qualities of affection are kindness, caring, and respect - both in the bedroom and out. These are not demonstrated by actions or words alone, they arise from a state of mind.  Too much thinking paralyses our ability to get in touch with the feeling of love within ourselves.  When that happens it is impossible to give selfless love; that is, to laugh, be non-judgemental and affectionate with the one we are with.

Hugging, touching, cuddling and stroking, in front of others is normal healthy and sane. Being affectionate every day, in public as well as in private, makes for a great love life. Making love is about genuine bonding, and to enjoy great sex, we need to cultivate genuine love; and this means being aware of kindness and affection within ourselves throughout our day and showing these qualities to everyone we meet.  

We do not believe you need to struggle to change. Instead, refocus: listen and be selflessly attentive, and stop memories and rational thought intruding into your awareness. Only then can you make love every day.



Copyright Peter & June Crook 2006 All rights reserved.